In South Africa, community is at the heart of everything that we do. The spirit of Ubuntu reminds us that “I am (only) because you are, and you are because we are.” This human truth is what fuels us at Diners Club to play our part in supporting a shared future that we can all be proud of. Wine is a constant feature across our three pillars of lifestyle, entertainment and travel. South Africa itself is a world-class producer of wines, contributing R26.2 billion to the country’s GDP.

In partnership with, a crowdfunding platform developed to help young students realise their dreams, Diners Club Cares – Dine for Change is on a mission to empower and upskill young women in the wine industry. We know that even one future enabled has a ripple effect for generations to come. This is why we’re so passionate about finding these young women and connecting them to this future-enabling opportunity.


Registrations are opening soon for applications, and our next campaign will be live shortly.