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ClubMiles go direct with Mango.

Book flights and pay using your Miles

Good news for Mango lovers! ClubMiles members can now go direct to to book flights and pay with Miles.

On the website simply choose your flight, dates and seats and then select ClubMiles on the loyalty drop down menu on the right, enter your ClubMiles login details and redeem your Miles. If the price of the flight exceeds the Miles collected, simply pay in the difference using your Diners Club card (and earn more Miles in the process).

Book your next trip today, visit

  • Visit:
  • Select "Diners Club miles" from the loyalty partners list
  • Enter your e-mail address and password that you normally use to log into the ClubMiles website, Select "OK"
  • Once you are logged in, your Name, Surname and ClubMiles balance will appear on the screen.
  • You can now search and browse for flights, all the prices will be quoted in the ClubMiles currency.
  • Select your desired flight(s), enter the Guest Information and proceed to the Payment Options page.
  • Select "Diners Club miles" from the list of Payment Options provided.
  • Select "Request OTP" and a One Time Pin will be sent to you via SMS to confirm your booking.
  • Should you not have enough miles, the system will alert you of the difference, this can then be settled using your Diners Club card. (We recommend that you pay the difference using your Diners Club card so that you can earn miles on the amount paid.)
  • Select "Book Now" to finalise your booking.