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Card security has always been a top priority at Diners Club and we constantly investigate ways to improve your ability to conduct transactions in a safe and secure manner.

In order to ensure your Diners Club card meets our stringent security standards, we are ENABLING our cards to transact with a PIN. Current, Replacement and New cards will have the functionality to use a pin.

In addition, many merchants are now requesting PIN’s for point of sale (POS) transactions. To ensure that you continue to enjoy your Diners Club card, We recommend you take a minute to familiarise yourself with the process of setting up a pin on your card.

TO Set up/ACTIVATE YOUR PIN you will HAVE to have YOUR DINERS CLUB CARD AND ID NUMBER HANDY, then, simply call 0860 DINERS, choose option 3 and follow the 8 easy steps.

With effect from August all cards require a PIN for both ATM and Point of Sale transactions.

Please note: If you forget your PIN number, you would need to reset it by following the above same steps.  If you change your cell phone number or service provider, you must advise the Diners Club Call Centre at 0860-DINERS (346377) as soon as possible as this could have an impact on obtaining a PIN number using the IVR.

This safety measure is taken to ensure your continued confidence in the security of your Diners Club card. Please feel free to use your card at every opportunity, enjoying the many benefits and opportunities that make it so worthwhile to Belong.