Diners Club Virtual Card

The Diners Club Virtual Card (DVC) is a closed-loop, single-use solution that provides a secure form of payment for travel expenses, which benefits you as a Merchant, as well as the Corporate and the Travel Management Company (TMC).

DVC simplifies the booking and settlement process, with added security for all parties, through a preapproved, automatically generated Diners Club card number that is valid for a single transaction only.

As a Diners Club merchant, you can redeem a DVC voucher to generate a secure card number for payment. You will process the transaction through your bank terminal for settlement like any other transaction.

Alternatively, Diners Club can direct-settle any transaction that you do not process through your bank terminal within three business days.

Terms & conditions apply

  • There is no need for bill-backs or maintaining accounts with Travel Management Companies (TMC’s) or corporates.
  • Settlement is received on traveller checkout through your bank terminal as with any other transaction, improving your cashflow.
  • Queries and reconciliation issues from corporates and TMCs are minimised.
  • There is greater alignment with card information security and compliance requirements.

For any enquiries please contact Diners Club Establishment Services as follows:

Operating hours (Business hours from 8am to 4pm)
Member Services
0860-DINERS (346377)
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