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Shari'ah Banking

Experience exclusive entertainment, travel and shopping offers, the Diners Club way.

Anyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of a global network of partners offering incredible entertainment, travel and shopping experiences.

Because we are passionate about delivering world-class lifestyle and leisure offers to our clients, we have extended our current product offering to include a Shari’ah compliant proposition in the form of a Diners Club Shari’ah Personal Charge Card.

This means that any customer who wishes to consume a proposition that is Shari’ah compliant, can enjoy the benefits and flexibility of a Diners Club charge card, and transact with the peace of mind that they are doing so in a Shari’ah compliant manner.

How does the Shari’ah Diners Club card differ from the regular Diners Club card?

The providing of an interest free loan within the Shari’ah is permissible and this is exactly how the Diners Shari’ah Charge Card works.

The client is provided with a limit and this limit is settled in full within the period without any interest being charged. The components of the traditional Diners Club offering which includes noncompliant aspects such as access to wine events, parties, cinemas and the like have all been removed from the Shari’ah Diners Club offering and have been replaced (where possible) with Shari’ah compliant alternatives so that our valued clients can still experience and take advantage of the fantastic benefits of Diners Club.

Welcome to a new way of enjoying leisure. The world awaits.

For more information on the Diners Club Shari’ah Charge Card, visit our Terms and conditions page here.